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Dear FSPInvest Subscriber,

In the 17 years since Bill Bonner founded Fleet Street Publications, we've never offered a deal like this.

In short, by taking advantage of this offer, you can get subscriptions to FSPInvest’s 3 most popular stock research services... for 1 full year... without paying a cent in regular subscriptions fees.

In a minute, I'll direct you to a specific link. Simply follow the link to take advantage of this risk-free trial.

Within 24 hours, I'll send you a private 'access code.' This code will allow you to log onto our members-only website.

Here, you can access every single issue, special report, and recommendation from our 3 most popular stock advisory letters.

For example, within the next 24 hours, you'll have access to Francois Joubert’s four favorite small cap stocks. Four little-known plays that he expects could double your money in the next 24 months.

The last stock Francois told Red Hot Penny Share readers to close, could have banked you 98% in just 8 months.

Normally you'd have to pay R1,650 a year to access Francois’ research advisory. But when you take advantage of this offer, you can get full access to Francois’ research... for an entire year... without paying a cent in subscription fees.

Not only that, you'll have immediate access to Joshua Benton’s newest recommendation. It's a way to potentially double your money or better. He’s calling it a ‘stealth’ share because no-one has cottoned on to it and it must be the #1 bargain on the JSE right now.

The last time this investment hit Josh’s radar, you could have made a 104% gain. And right now, he says it's a 'no brainer' once again.

"You need to act fast, before the mainstream catches on," he told his readers.

Of course, many others pay up to R1,550 a year to get Joshua Benton’s research. But right now, you could get Real Wealth for 12 full months – without paying the subscription fee.

And these 2 opportunities are just the beginning...

In the next 24 hours, you could also learn about what Sam Volkering, tech specialist for the South African Investor calls "the ultimate speculation"... It’s the next crypto currency after Bitcoin that’s about to explode.
Sam told readers of South African Investor, a R1,995-a-year advisory letter: "There's the potential for roughly 180  times your money in as few as three years."

Plus, you'll have immediate online access to our research exclusively tailored for retirees...

Viv Govender, our retirement expert, for South African Investor has just uncovered what he calls "The Greatest Government 'Loophole' Ever." It offers you both total capital protection and potential growth of 50%.
Again, many folks pay a lot of money for this research. And normally, we'd charge you anywhere between R1,000 and R2,000 to get 1-year access to just one of our 3 most popular services.

But for a limited time, by taking advantage of this offer, you can receive all 3 of these subscriptions – for a full year – without paying a cent in subscription fees.

So, why are we giving away subscriptions to our 3 top-selling advisory letters for a limited time?

Let me explain...

17 Years Ago, We Made a Decision

We believe we publish the best independent financial research in South Africa.

And to get right to the point: We want you to try our research and benefit from it for many years to come.

You see, 17 years ago, when Bill Bonner founded FSP Investment Research, we made a decision about the kind of business we wanted to establish.

We are NOT brokers or investment bankers. We are completely independent from the investments we cover.

Unlike brokers, we never trade the securities we recommend. We believe that's how the investment business should work... No hidden interests or secret agendas.

The subscribers who pay for our research are the backbone of our business. So the only way for us to grow is to give our readers great investment ideas they won't find anywhere else.

If you're happy with our research services, we hope you'll renew and stay with us for several years. If not, we part as friends.

That's the only way we'll do business.

And that's why – for a limited time – we're offering you a way to get FREE 1-year subscriptions to our 3 most popular stock advisory letters.

The way we look at it: When you see our best ideas in action – LIVE, over a 12-month period – you'll want to stay with us for years to come.

As soon as you let us know you're interested, we'll send you a private access code to our members-only website. Use this code to access all our best ideas from our most popular stock advisory newsletters.

Right now, these research services are filled with great ideas to help you make a lot of money in the coming year. For example...

Like I said, we hope that once you see our ideas produce gains you won't see anywhere else... you'll want to use our research for years to come.

There's no obligation to stick with us for the long-term, of course.

You could decide none of our 3 top-selling stock newsletters are right for you. Or perhaps only 1 or 2 suit your needs. The decision is ultimately yours.

But if you agree with us that the research we produce is the best in the industry... and you'd like to continue using our work in the future... this is surely the single best deal we offer:
** In short, it's a unique deal that lets you get all 3 of our most popular stock advisory letters for as long as you'd like... for a small one-time membership fee.
Quite simply, this is by far the least expensive way to take advantage of our most popular and comprehensive research.

Here's what I mean...

You Won't Just Get 1 FREE Year of Research

The truth is, we're not just offering you a way to get 1 free year of research.

Through this unique deal, you can get 5 years of access to our work, if you'd like. Even 10 years... 20 years... or more.

We call this deal the FSPInvest Private Wealth Alliance.

The Private Wealth Alliance is a collection of the 3 most comprehensive and popular stock research services in the FSP Investment Research portfolio.

These are the advisory letters that have provided the biggest, safest, and most consistent gains for our subscribers.

There's NO futures research in this deal... Nothing on bonds... NO risky trading strategies... or anything complicated. Only the best low-risk, easy-to-execute stock investment research and opportunities.

The best part of this deal is: You only pay a small one-time membership fee that costs less than what it would cost you to buy each of our 3 newsletters separately... And instead of getting all of this research for one year, you can get it for as many years as you'd like.

And you won't EVER have to pay any of the yearly subscription fees.

In other words, after the first year, it's like getting all 3 of these subscriptions, essentially for free.

In short, you pay a one-time membership fee, and can receive all of these newsletters for the rest of your life, as long as they are being published.

Since we started these services, we've received dozens of letters from folks who believe their service is the SINGLE BEST DEAL in the financial business...

I can tell you, if I weren't FSPInvest’s publisher... it's what I would pay for with my own money. Quite simply, it's a dirt-cheap way to receive our most comprehensive research letters, for LIFE.
And right now – for a limited time – we're opening up the Private Wealth Alliance to new members... So you can decide if it's right for you.
Again, there's no obligation to stay with us for the long term.

But from now until our deadline for this invitation, new members can browse through all our latest stock recommendations. Download all our special reports. Go through the entire historical track record for each research service.

In short, evaluate for yourself if the Private Wealth Alliance is right for you.

I'll show you how to get your access code in a minute. But first, let me outline exactly what you'll get access to as part of this deal... 

Yes! I’d like to sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Private Wealth Alliance

South African Investor

The South African Investor is more than just a research service - it’s also the South African chapter of an international private financial networking club with offices in Baltimore, Bonn, Paris, London.

"This is maybe the best membership any person can belong to. Thanks to the South African Investor I've paid off my vehicle debt with these recommendations and now I'm building my future.” 

- PR. Bekker, Bethlehem

The club is dedicated to building and preserving the wealth of its members. Influenced by Think Tank leaders Leon Louw and Chris Hart and led by Investment Director, Francois Joubert, The South African Investor it’s arguably the world's most powerful wealth-builder alliance.
Because of this, our members demand only the finest research... and the most compelling opportunities. That’s precisely what they get...
Opportunities that have helped them make:
408% from a financial services giant
289.65% from a well-known bank
207.7% from a leading restaurant franchisor
216.09% from a telecoms giant
172.8% from an insurance powerhouse
79.52% from a construction gem
From international finance trends to local equities, precious metals and the latest crypto currency craze…as a South African Investor member you’ll have access to a level of expertise not normally accessible to the average investor.

And that's not all. You'll also get... 
Yes! I’d like to sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Private Wealth Alliance
Real Wealth
Joshua Benton shows you how to set yourself up for the retirement you need or the lifestyle you want in 10 years with just R500 a month.
He uses a simple investment system that’s consistently beaten the market every year.
His investment strategy has delivered his subscribers an average 35% annual return for seven years. 
And just last year the Real Wealth portfolio delivered more than double the returns of the JSE…
Investing doesn’t get any easier than this.
You'll also get lifetime access to our most explosive advisory letter...
Yes! I’d like to sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Private Wealth Alliance
Red Hot Penny Shares
Red Hot Penny Shares is your opportunity to exploit the fast-moving small-cap market – and make regular double and triple-digit gains of 80.7%, 101%, and even 246%.
His track record speaks for itself with more than 15 stocks doubling readers money every 24 months and if you had invested R100,000 in all of his stocks tipped, you’d be sitting on more than R500,000 today. 

That’s an incredible five-fold return on your money.

"Francois Joubert is one of the best. He knows small caps like nobody else. His advice has made me a lot of money."

– Paul Vidas

And Francois has just released what he believes are the hottest small caps for 2018 – four stock that could easily double your money in the next 24 months.
Of course, as with everything else I've mentioned, you'll get access to Francois’ new pick – immediately and for FREE.

  • Cost: R1,650 per year.
  • For Private Wealth Alliance members: FREE.
To sum up: Membership to the FSPInvest Private Wealth Alliance gives you free subscriptions to the most popular and comprehensive research advisories we publish.

Once you're a member, you can get this research free for 1 year if you'd like. Or if you prefer, you can get it for much longer: 10 years, 20 years... or for life.

The only catch is, you must let us know you're interested by our deadline.

I'll show you how to get your access code to our members-only website in a minute... But first, there's something you should know...

Yes! I’d like to sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Private Wealth Alliance

If You're a Long-Term FSPInvest Subscriber,
You May Be Overpaying For Our Research

You see, if you add up all the research products I've just described (our most popular advisory letters), you'll see it would cost you R5,195 to receive it all for 1 year.

Over 2 years, it would cost you R10,390.

Over 5 years – R25,975.

Still, that's a pretty good deal. Investment research houses charge as much as R30,000 for a single report. And frankly, I believe our independent research is better than anything you can buy from Wall Street.

But when you join the Private Wealth Alliance right now – before this offer closes – you'll pay a one-time fee that's LESS than what it costs for a single year of all of these subscriptions combined... And you'll get not just one year of this research, but as many years as you'd like.

Let me repeat: For LESS than the price of a single year's subscription to our 3 most popular research products, you'll get them all... for as long as you want.

As a result, you'll save thousands of rands on our work over the years.

More importantly, you'll receive our best stock research, the kind of opportunities that could make you over R100,000 a year... 

  • Louis van der Merwe wrote, “I started to invest in shares directly on the 1 August 2013 with an amount of R265,900. I became a member of Red HOT Penny Shares and of the SA Investor with the help of these 2 products and some of my own research, the amount I have invested grew to R1,012,436.54 after broker costs.
In all, once you join the Private Wealth Alliance, you'll get our most popular research products: South African Investor... Red Hot Penny Shares and Real Wealth...– all at no extra charge, forever. 
And remember, while there's no commitment to stay with us for the rest of your life... your subscription never expires. You can even pass it on to your children and grandchildren. 
But before I explain specific details on how to activate your membership, let me tell you about one more exciting benefit... something we've never before offered Private Wealth Alliance members...

Yes! I’d like to sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Private Wealth Alliance
For the First Time EVER,
We're Adding our brand new Most Expensive
Stock Advisory Letter to this Deal
As part of this limited-time offer, you'll have access to our premium stock research service that's worth nearly as much as all the advisory letters I've just told you about. 
We have been quietly testing this well-known analyst’s research for the last 12 months and he has consistently delivered some of the biggest stock gains in our trading history... Which is likely why over 50 private clients have been following this research over the last year. 
For example, if these 50 clients had taken every trade he recommended – they would have returned 61% on each trade every 70 days. Imagine that!
You won’t have come across this service, because we haven’t opened it up yet to the rest of our FSP readers – in fact anyone who signs up to the Private Wealth Alliance will have first dibs on the limited memberships available for this exclusive service
 - Pick Pocket Trader.  
Quite simply, our analyst follows an investing approach that's helped make more money for our readers than almost any single advisory letter we publish. In fact, it's the same investment secret that's made Warren Buffett one of the richest men in the world. 
If you choose to follow this unique pick pocket strategy, you could have made a killing over the past year. Take a look... 

Our analyst however wants to remain nameless as he explained: "I do not wish to reveal my name since I do not want notoriety.
Like I said, we've never before given away FREE lifetime access to a brand new service but with a track record like this… it is guaranteed to become one of our most popular services – so memberships will fill up fast. That’s why we want to give our most loyal readers first chance to gain access to this service as part of our Private Wealth Alliance deal...

When you sign up for the Private Wealth Alliance, not only will you get access to all the research I've just described... You'll also get as many years of Pickpocket Trader as you'd like– without paying an extra cent in subscription fees.

  • Cost: R3,700 per year.
  • For Private Wealth Alliance members: FREE.
Bottom-line: When you look at everything you get in the Private Wealth Alliance, you can see why I call it the SINGLE BEST DEAL we offer... and why I say this is the only deal I would pay for with my own money, if I weren't FSP Investment Research’s publisher.

To recap...

Here's EVERYTHING You'll Get as an
FSPInvest Private Wealth Alliance Member:

You'll receive our 3 most popular research services...
1. South African Investor (R1,995 per year)

2. Real Wealth (R1,550 per year)

3. Red Hot Penny Shares (R1,650 per year) 

And – for the first time ever – you'll get lifetime access to our brand new premium research service:
4. Pickpocket Trader (R3,700 per year)
Your first year of Alliance membership alone is worth R8,895. But the fact is... by taking advantage of this deal, you'll pay even LESS than that price.

Even better – for a limited time – you'll get a preview of all this research... every single past and current recommendation, every single special report... to help you decide if this deal is right for you.

Here's what I mean...

A 30-Day 'Peek' At Our Best Research

The only way you'll know if the Private Wealth Alliance is right for you is if you try it.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do so... Which is why we'd like to give you a 30-day look at our work – before you commit to receiving our 4 most comprehensive research services FOR LIFE.

We charge a one-time fee of R4,995 to join the Private Wealth Alliance.

Remember, this fee is almost R4,000 less than what it would cost you to buy subscriptions to each of our 4 services for just one year.

And every year after your first year – you can access this research and never pay a cent more in subscription fees.

But you don't have to decide right away. Until our deadline for this deal (which expires shortly) – you can get 30 DAYS to look over our research.

At the end of your 30-day 'peek' – if you decide the Private Wealth Alliance isn't for you, let us know and you can get a full refund, minus our customary 10% refund fee. (We've instituted this policy to deter folks from signing up just to get the research reports, then immediately canceling.)

I can tell you one thing for certain right now...
We have never before offered our most popular stock research letters in one package before... And we may never repeat such an offer.

In addition, the next time you see the products in this deal available in a lifetime offer, it will likely cost a lot more than R4,995. (The membership fee has nearly doubled since we first started the Private Wealth Alliance.)
Frankly, I think it's a steal at R4,995...

Consider: It would cost you R3,700 to receive just Pickpocket Trader for a single year... (and that's not even including the 3 other advisory letters you'll be getting).

But when you join the FSPInvest Private Wealth Alliance before this offer closes, you'll pay LESS than what it costs for a single year... to receive all these products for an entire lifetime.

Simply put, you'll save thousands of rands...

And of course – you'll save what amounts to tens of thousands on our research in the future... as your subscriptions continue year after year.

In short: This is easily the best price you'll ever see again for FSPInvest Private Wealth Alliance... so I hope you take advantage of it before it expires.

Here's how the whole thing will work...

1) You will make a one-time payment today of R4,995 for membership.

2) Try your Private Wealth Alliance Membership for the next 30 DAYS – to make sure you're comfortable with it.

If you're not completely happy... simply give us a call, and you'll receive a refund – minus our customary 10% refund fee.

3) If you decide to stay with us, great. Each year after, you will get FREE subscriptions to our 4 stock advisory letters. We only ask that you pay a small maintenance fee of R495 each year, to cover rising costs of printing, postage, and customer service.

Without this fee – we'd never be able to make such an offer. But that's all you will pay, ever, to receive everything I described above... a combined total value of over R44,475 over the next 5 years.

I don’t believe you’ll find anything quite like this anywhere else.

But it gets even better... In the next 24 hours, you'll also receive... 

Yes! I’d like to sign up for a risk-free trial membership to the Private Wealth Alliance

An Urgent Report You Must Access NOW

FSPInvest’s Francois and Josh put their heads down to create the ultimate stock portfolio, one that you need not invest in a single other stock  - it’s a portfolio of what Buffett likes to call buy and hold forever companies and right now these 8 stocks are selling at bargain prices.  You can find out what they are and why they’re so cheap in this report but you need to act fast before the rest of the mainstream catch on.
A R5,000 stake right now (while they’re still cheap) could easily double your money in the next 24 months..

As soon as you let me know you're interested in trying the Private Wealth Alliance, I'll give you immediate access to this urgent new report. It's called: The JSE Eight – Eight of South Africa’s best companies selling at a bargain right now.
Normally, you would have to pay at least R1,000 to get access to this report. But through this Private Wealth Alliance offer, you'll get it at no additional charge.

"The value for the money is incredible!!! A lifetime subscription to [these] newsletters for less than what it costs to subscribe to many other newsletters out there, for one year!!!"

– Dan Ezelle, Durban

What it comes down to is this: We've built a very stable business over the past 17 years. We now have subscribers all over Africa.

In short, we plan to be in this business for years to come. And as a new member of our Private Wealth Alliance... you'll receive our most comprehensive research, at no extra charge – for as long as you want to receive it.

And remember: Until this deal closes, you can get a preview of our work for 30 days, to see if the Private Wealth Alliance is right for you.

I can tell you now, the next time you see these products in a lifetime package, it will likely cost a lot more... So if you're interested – now is definitely the best time to sign up.

I hope to hear from you right away. To get started, subscribe now.


Annabel Koffman
Publisher, FSP Investment Research
October 2017

P.S. This may be the only time we offer the Private Wealth Alliance in its current form... with our 3 most popular advisory letters, including Pickpocket Trader. In addition, the membership fee will almost certainly increase next year. This may be your last chance to get in at the current price.

I hope you take advantage of this situation today, to get in on our best deal.

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2) Real Wealth (R1,550 per year)

3) Red Hot Penny Shares (R1,650 per year)

And for the first – and possibly last – time ever, I’ll have lifetime access to your new premium research service…

4) Pickpocket Trader (R3,700 per year)
** Urgent Bonus ReportThe JSE Eight!

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